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Joseph Mitchell
Joseph Mitchell

Buy Silagra Online

No, Silagra is not legal to sell in the UK. Despite this, many websites online offer to deliver Silagra to the UK. You should never order medication online from an unregistered pharmacy or unlicensed medicine retailer.

buy silagra online

Although Silagra claims to contain the active ingredient in Viagra (Sildenafil), you can never be sure it contains any effective dose at all. When you are prescribed Viagra by a registered online pharmacy, you can be sure it contains an effective dosage of Sildenafil with no additive or adulterant substances. With Silagra, you are buying an unlicensed drug that is illegal to sell in the UK with no guarantees on whether it will be safe or effective.

There is no need to risk your health buying counterfeit and unlicensed ED pills. Licensed and tested ED pills such as Generic Sildenafil or Generic Tadalafil can be bought from as little as 7.50 from registered online pharmacies such as e-Surgery. 041b061a72

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