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[S3E16] Man Of The Year

The script for "Bart the Lover" was written by Jon Vitti, who wanted an episode centered on Mrs. Krabappel that examined what it was like to have Bart as a student. Executive producer Mike Reiss pitched the idea of having Bart answer Mrs. Krabappel's personal ad.[2] It was the first episode of the show to feature Mrs. Krabappel in a prominent role.[3] The subplot where Homer tries to clean up his language was written partially in response to the many complaints the show had been getting about the language on the show.[4] Near the end of the episode, there is a montage where Homer has a series of bad experiences that cause him to curse, although the scene always cuts out before he can be heard swearing. While recording Homer's lines for that sequence, Dan Castellaneta was told to include the cursing. According to Mike Reiss, by coincidence, some eight-year-old children were allowed to visit the studio the day those lines were recorded. Reiss recalls that "their eyes were as big as saucers" after hearing Castellaneta curse.[3] The ending of the episode was largely pitched by James L. Brooks, who wanted a scene where the entire family got together to write Woodrow's final letter to Edna.[3]

[S3E16] Man of the Year

A-mi tells Yu-sin what Dong-mi did to his father, i.e., overflowing him with fatty foods until he had a heart attack. Yu-sin cannot understand how he could have been deceived after all these years. A-mi expresses how she can no longer live with Dong-mi and grabs her suitcase. Yu-sin tries to clarify with Dong-mi about the day his father had a heart attack, but she avoids the questions and locks herself in a room. Yu-sin orders her to be committed by the mental health department to take her away, and Dong-mi is distraught.

This Next Up freestyle featuring: Dbo, BT, Nikz and Kebz of A92, capped off a stellar breakout year for the drill collective from Drogheda, Ireland, fresh off from the release of their first mixtape, 92 Degrees.

Detective Stabler's wife tells him that her nurse friend at a local hospital treated a fourteen year-old rape victim, who refused to report the crime to the police or her family. Stabler decides to investigate her unofficially with the help of Detective Benson. They find out she and her classmates were involved with drugs and alcohol, a fact which troubles her family.

Fin and Munch go to talk to the boys and Tommy says that the last time they had a party he didn't have money for the beer so Cynthia offered to get the beer from an older man. They find out that Ross McKenzie, a 24-year-old substitute teacher, was present in a few of these parties, including the last one.

Soon after, Jenny begins to feel the effects of the drugs and realizes Agnes drugged her. Agnes says she needed some sort of revenge for the year before and Damien's drugs fell into her lap. She begins blaming Jenny for ruining their business and then walks away. Outside, Jack finds Nate and asks where Chuck is. Nate directs him to the bar, where he and Serena watch him flirt with every woman who approaches him. They agree to wait for Jack to be Jack and continue watching. At the loft, Dan, Vanessa, and Rufus eat flan while awkwardly talking about Vanessa's setup. Vanessa excuses herself and leaves the loft. When she's gone, Dan tells Rufus about her not wanting to fall into a rut and Rufus advises him to just try and talk things through with Vanessa. Back at the show, Blair finds Brandeis and confronts her about outing herself as a prostitute. Brandeis says that she didn't try anything with Mr. Conwell, but her male friend Julian, who is also a prostitute, is there too. She explains that Mr. Conwell and Julian hook up every time he's in town and they had plans to get together later. She apologizes and so does Blair. Afterwards, Blair chases down Mr. Conwell and blackmails him with the information about Julian. He agrees to take another look at the line. Meanwhile outside, Nate and Serena plot to take photos of Jack with prostitutes and show them to Elizabeth to prove he doesn't love her. However, when they open the car door where Jack is supposed to be, they find he figured out their plan and isn't in a compromising position at all. They leave, and Serena heads back inside to find Blair. Nate stays outside to call Chuck, but witnesses Agnes and her friends getting into a taxi with a drugged Jenny. They plot to get her laid and take off.

Meanwhile, Damon wants to look into the murder of Zachariah in 1912 and recalls that it wasn't the first murder of a council member that year. In Damon's flashback to 1912, Stefan has returned for the man he calls his Uncle Zachariah. Marianna Lockwood introduces herself and Samantha Gilbert and they inform him Zachariah wasn't the first murder. Samantha Gilbert says it's not a good time to be a founder of the town.

Damon greets his brother. It's been 50 years since he and Stefan last saw each other. Zachariah is actually their half brother. Damon is still angry at Stefan for turning him and killing their father.

Sokka is in his tent, which has been lavishly decorated with candles and roses, expecting Suki to visit him for a romantic night. However, he is embarrassed to see Zuko enter instead. Zuko asks Sokka to tell him about the death of his mother, as he thinks Katara might be taking her anger over the loss of her mother out on him. Sokka informs Zuko that the Fire Nation attacked their village six years prior, when Katara was eight and he was nine. Although the attack was short and the invaders soon retreated, once it was over, they discovered that their mother had been killed. Zuko asks Sokka if he can identify any specific details about the soldiers who raided their village to which the latter replies, describing the lead ship as hoisting flags bearing sea ravens, which Zuko recognizes as the symbol of the Southern Raiders. He thanks Sokka, only to be pushed impatiently out of the tent. After rubbing his hands together eagerly, Sokka peeks outside and beckons Suki to come in, only to find that Zuko had only taken a few steps away from his tent.

Katara and Zuko journey on Appa to a guiding outpost that serves as a coordination station for the entire Fire Navy. They infiltrate the base and find their way to a room that contains the information they need; Katara sends the single guard present away by waterbending ink onto her. Once the guard leaves, they discover that the Southern Raiders are currently stationed at Whaletail Island. On the way there, Katara recalls her personal experiences when she lost her mother. Upon spotting the black snowfall, the eight-year-old Katara went to look for her mother, Kya, at their home and found her being questioned by a Fire Nation soldier. She is told by her mother to go outside and find her father. The Fire Nation soldier glares at Katara, yelling at her to get out. Her mother comforts her, telling her everything will be all right. Katara runs out to get Hakoda, but by the time they return, the Fire Nation soldier has disappeared and Kya has been killed. Zuko comments that Kya was a very brave woman; Katara holds her mother's necklace and agrees.

Later, Zuko spots the Southern Raiders' ship. In a swift, strong, and powerful display of waterbending enhanced by the full moon, Katara sends most of the crew overboard with a massive wave. The two proceed to the main control room to capture the ship's captain, whom Katara quickly subdues with bloodbending so Zuko can properly interrogate him. After realizing by appearance that he is not the man who killed her mother, Zuko interrogates the captain and the two learn that the raiders' last commanding officer, Yon Rha, retired four years earlier and is living with his ill-tempered mother.

The episode starts with the Plantars wondering why Mrs. Boonchuy is putting up decorations so Anne explains that they are getting ready for Christmas, which is one of the most important human holidays. Just then, the phone rings, which Mrs. Boonchuy picks up and learns that there is an opening for a Thai Go float in the Christmas-Palooza Parade which she dreamed of for years, but she turns it down because she knows it would draw a lot of attention to the Plantars, and they need to keep a low profile, especially with King Andrias still after them. Sensing how disappointed her mother is, Anne secretly calls the parade people back and tell them that the Boonchuys have changed their mind, deciding to build her mother the parade float of her dreams, and the Plantars are behind her. 041b061a72

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